SableCC Altgen Upgrade

Published in Software

In the course of my work with SableCC grammars, I have made extensive use of Indrek Mandre's SableCC Altgen tool, which is essentially a bolt-on to plain SableCC that allows it to easily output parsers in a variety of languages. I have used it in a couple of tools, including Sable-EBNF Converter as my go-to language for traditional GUI "productivity" applications is C#.

The drawback of the SableCC Altgen is that the latest version on Indrek's page uses SableCC 3 Beta 3, which is just a little bit less accomodating than SableCC 3.2 in terms of the grammars it can accept, as well as running a lot more slowly for large grammars. As such, I have upgraded SableCC Altgen to use SableCC v3.2, the latest stable version. (The still under development v4 can be found on Github).

So, for anyone who wants to have the best of SableCC but output parsers in something other than Java, here is the upgraded codebase and binaries.