NBN Advertising Finally!

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Something has changed at nbn Co lately. I don't know whether it was their advertising agency, their director of marketing or what, but it made a difference. Finally, nbn Co know how to sell their product!

From its inception, the National Broadband Network (NBN) has been dogged by delays (on poorly thought-through promises), cost blowouts (on poorly estimated promises), and marketing that left people no wiser as to why they would want an NBN connection in the first place. When I saw Luke Hopewell's post The National Broadband Network Is Boring, I couldn't have agreed more. Their prolific advertising on Youtube & TV with the Bring It On clip left me wondering what a non-technical guy was supposed to expect. Apparently an NBN connection to my house would allow my daughter to remotely pilot a small commuter plane - maybe said plane has a very long fibre-optic cable hanging out the back? Or perhaps the NBN enables some Matrix-style instant learning that meant she could jump straight into the cockpit?

Either way, the Bring It On ad had nothing to with what the NBN is supposed to deliver - a reliable, super fast respectably fast Internet connection that enables IT to deliver on host of overdue expectations - full-time teleworking, IPTV, effective remote collaboration, low ping times for games and trading, working on the Cloud as a norm, decent home servers and more. Instead the tone of the ad reminded me of the attitude behind some of Telstra's advertising from past years, which took the view that the current working generation have no hope in understanding technology, but there is still have a chance to introduce our kids to this futuristic thing called the Internet and all the possibilities it brings. There are a plenty of videos on nbn Co's Youtube channel that do try to sell the benefits of the NBN, but few have more than a thousand views. Perhaps the reason for the pathetic view counts is simply that this is 2015, most people know what an Internet connection is, and all they want is a fast connection at a decent price.

But since nbn Co still need to advertise the fact that a faster connection is coming (eventually), it's good that have now produced the Internet Uninterrupted ad that explains what the NBN is all about:

This is the ad that nbn Co should have been running from the start. It deals with a problem that affects real people, and provides a solution that the NBN actually can deliver: a bigger pipe that lets everyone do their business online.