Jaycar's 128x128 LCD for Arduino

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Jaycar recently added their own variant of a 128x128 pixel TFT LCD to their range, product XC-4629. Intrigued, I couldn't resist picking one up to it check out.

This module, marketed specifically towards Arduino users, is respecably small and uses the standard ST7735 display controller with SPI connectivity. It also looks a lot like other 128x128 LCDs that can be found on eBay. Unlike some other modules this one doesn't feature a built in SD card reader (it's big brother XC-4630 does have SD card support as well as resistive touch). Anyway, here is what it looks like:

It's nice that this module comes with headers pre-installed for easy prototyping, but will be a pain when the time comes to slim a project down. Sadly the small board size prevents the pin arrangement lining up nicely with the apprioriate Arduino headers. One oddity with board was pin labelling for the SPI bus pins, which varied from the usual MOSI/MISO terms used in the Arduino SPI documentation and examples.

So for the convenience of the next guy that wants to quickly throw some of the Arduino TFT examples at this board, here is the data wiring map:

LCD PINArduino Uno PINArduino Term

The MISO pin is not used with this device.

The screen looks quite nice, it has bright colour and backlighting and thanks to the existing libraries integration will be a breeze.

To close out, here's the display running the TFTDisplaytext sample sketch: